overshadowed wounds

a poem with bits of my interpretation of the lines i have written, about the moment you have a revelation that the outside world in its many brutal forms may try to rob you of the answers you can simply get by looking within, when you give it the power to build a life around … Continue reading overshadowed wounds

Hope and Disappointment

Hope is great, but it comes with a downside—disappointment. When we’re hit with this feeling after being hopeful, it hurts. There is really no way around it. The more time we spend fantasizing about how amazing it would be to win, the greater our disappointment is likely to be when we lose. However, disappointment is … Continue reading Hope and Disappointment

REVIEW: The Most Haunted House in England by Harry Price

A Spectre is haunting England – The Spectre of Catholicism Britain is a profoundly haunted place. It’s not just that this island has seen continuous habitation since at least the last Ice Age, it’s also that the British isles have seen so many waves of immigration, invasion, and colonisation that every town and every place … Continue reading REVIEW: The Most Haunted House in England by Harry Price